Friday, April 1, 2011

Important Doggpound Update

Hello Doggpound Participants and family members,

Please ensure that when you registered, you selected your grade AS OF SEPTEMBER 2011. 

To adjust your registration information:
1.  Click on this link:
2.  Click 'continue' past the home screen
3.  Choose option 3 'I am currently registered and would like to update my personal info'
4.  Login using one of the methods described
5.  Click on the PLAYERS you have registered and update their grade info.  Once changed, click 'update' at the bottom of the page.

Almost all of our age groups, boys and girls, are at full capacity and some with waiting lists.  If you know someone who should be registered and hasn't yet, the last possible day is April 5th.  IF you know someone who deserves a spot in Doggpound but is unable to do so because of financial difficulties, please have them (or you) contact confidentially.  At Doggpound nobody is turned away, and we want to thank all who donated money to help us absorb costs as over 10% of our current participants would have been unable to participate.  

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